FCM Highlights Bunzl’s Strategic Use of Autonomous Equipment to Retain Cleaning Staff

Bunzl knows all-too-well that the cleaning industry is grappling with high employee turnover and labour shortages, a situation made more pressing as Canada’s cleaning sector experienced a 145% increase in job vacancies during 2021. To attract and retain skilled talent, there’s a need to incorporate autonomous cleaning equipment into facility maintenance programs.

Autonomous equipment like floor scrubbers can handle repetitive tasks more efficiently, freeing employees for more skilled work, while reducing physical strain. David L. Smith, the Cleaning, Hygiene & Sanitation Director for Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene spoke about this solution in the Summer 2023 edition of Facility Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine, explaining how operating manual equipment can be costly, both in terms of maintenance and labour hours. As a result of replacing manual equipment with autonomous equipment, staff efficiency is greatly improved and cleaning staff can be allocated to more specialized tasks.

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