Queen’s U Students Give Residence Cleaning an A+


For over 180 years, Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, has been a leader in higher education, nurturing the intellectual growth of its students within a safe and clean environment. Queen’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness was recently recognized with the prestigious ISSA Canada CIMS-GBAC certification, a testament to its commitment to sustainable and effective cleaning practices.

The Challenge

Like most large educational institutions, Queen’s faced significant challenges in maintaining and documenting the cleanliness of its residence facilities. Its legacy paper-based system was not only inefficient but made it difficult to meet the rigorous standards required for CIMS-GBAC certification. 

“Our two biggest gaps with respect to our cleaning program were that we had no way to clearly validate work was being done, nor did we have a way for student residents to request services,” said Matt Savoie, Director of Facilities & Infrastructure, Housing & Ancillary Services at Queen’s University. 

This presented challenges when staff received complaints from students and parents concerning the adequacy of the cleaning services, which impacted student satisfaction and the overall perception of the university’s commitment to a healthy living environment. 

“Queen’s students call our residences ‘home’ for eight months and we want them to feel comfortable,” said Savoie. “A key priority for us was to provide students with a clear mechanism to report issues, request services and feel supported.” 

The Solution

In response to these challenges, the university collaborated with Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene, who recommended the WandaNEXTTM
 platform. This cutting-edge digital solution is designed to enhance cleaning operations through detailed tracking and real-time feedback capabilities. The platform enabled the university to transition to a dynamic digital environment where cleaning tasks are tracked, verified, and adjusted in real time. 

WandaNEXTTM has revolutionized how we manage and verify our cleaning protocols,” said Savoie. “The platform not only supports our ISSA certification requirements but also elevates our cleaning practices to new heights, ensuring that every corner of our residences meets the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.” 

Additionally, WandaNEXT’sTM QR code feature allowed Queen’s to post scannable codes throughout residence facilities, providing student a convenient way to submit requests for service and report areas in need of immediate attention. 

"Having a centralized system to capture and process all resident requests has been very beneficial. We’ve eliminated any room for interpretation related to when requests were submitted and when cleanings were completed."
Matt Savoie
Director of Facilities & Infrastructure, Housing & Ancillary Services at Queen’s University

The Result

The introduction of WandaNEXTTM into the residence cleaning program at Queen’s was a resounding success. Satisfaction surveys revealed that student perception and satisfaction regarding cleanliness have improved, and staff confidence and satisfaction have been elevated through analytics that validate cleaning frequency and quality. 

“Since adopting WandaNEXTTM, our ability to respond to cleaning requests has improved dramatically, providing a tangible sense of security and satisfaction among our students,” said Savoie. 

WandaNEXTTM also positively supports staff morale by validating their hard work and contributing to a transparent and accountable work environment. This reassurance that their efforts are recognized and verifiable not only boosts their confidence but also fosters a sense

of pride and ownership in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene across the university’s residences.

Proof of presence has empowered our team to feel comfortable and confident in the cleaning program we’re carrying out,” said Kyley Devine, Caretaker in Residence Facilities at Queen’s university. “If we receive complaints or inquiries, we have the data to support that spaces were cleaned when we say they were.” 

What’s Next

Building on the success of WandaNEXTTM
in five of its residence buildings, Queen’s University plans to expand the use of this innovative platform across all 18 of its residence facilities, which house approximately 5,000 students. The future looks promising as the university continues to leverage the data and insights gained from WandaNEXTTM to further refine and enhance its cleaning programs. 

“We’re assessing response times to inquiries, task completion times, and compliance with our cleaning programs to identify areas in need of improvement,” said Savoie. “We now understand if these concerns are related to the tools we’re using, behavioural issues, or if additional training is required.” 

By setting new standards in cleanliness and hygiene management, Queen’s University not only upholds its reputation as a leading institution of higher education but also demonstrates its commitment to providing a safe, clean, and supportive learning environment. 

To discover how WandaNEXTTM can support your facility cleaning program, and to request a free trial, contact your Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene representative or learn more here.

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