REGARD® returns the ‘glo’ to Vancouver school floors

The Challenge

School floors withstand a lot of wear. Sand, dirt, slush, rock salt and other debris are constantly tracked into buildings, damaging flooring in the process. Operating 118 facilities, including schools and admin buildings, the Vancouver School Board (VSB) is all-too aware of the everyday wear and tear those floors face.

“Across all of our sites, we have thousands upon thousands of square feet to maintain, and all of them have to get stripped because you can’t just apply new product on top of the old wax,” said Gilbert Francisco, Manager of Operations at VSB. “There’s a lot of thought that goes beyond just the cost of labour and the product. We really have to consider all the additional products that go into stripping,”

Stripping the floors in high-traffic areas, like educational institutions, is an important step in keeping them looking clean and protecting from damage in the future.

“There’s a lot of sand that gets into the school. That grit would wear down the old product a lot quicker. I would lay down five coats of finish on the hallway floor and a week later it was like I hadn’t applied anything,” said Francisco. “It was that bad.”

So, how does VSB save on time and money while performing routine floor care?


The Solution

The team at VSB was looking for a floor finish that could protect the floors and leave them shiny for a long time.

“We needed to find something that was compatible, and very easy to use, apply and maintain. That was what Bunzl had given us as a product to consider,” said Francisco.

Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene experts assessed VSB’s needs and recommended REGARD® Northern Glo Floor Finish to make sure floor care is done efficiently and effectively. Northern Glo is a proven performer that provides a long-lasting polished finish that keeps floors looking their best and protects from all that wear and tear.

“Northern Glo has a nice sheen to it. It goes on uniformly using the correct application method. It gives us the results that we’re after.”

– Gilbert Francisco, Manager of Operations, Vancouver School Board.

The Result


Performance and quality are just two of three qualities REGARD® products are known for. Value of the product was a significant factor VSB had to consider before making the switch to Northern Glo Floor Finish – will the product deliver value over time?

“It was a very expensive process to go through. I look back now and making the switch to Northern Glo was worth it because we’ve had so much success with it,” said Francisco. 

The easy-to-use quality of Northern Glo allows cleaning staff to strip and apply less coats per year, freeing up time to focus on other cleaning tasks, like disinfecting.

“It does free up time to do a lot more. Because of Northern Glo, we didn’t have to spend as much time on floors,” said Francisco. “We’re able to focus more on the disinfecting of all the surfaces. It helped us out.”

By introducing REGARD® Northern Glo Floor Finish to its floor care program, VSB also introduced a high-quality, proven performer that continues to help keep their floors clean, protected, and shiny for a long time.

“Without hesitation, I would say it’s worth the upfront costs and labour costs you’re going to endure to get the old product off and apply Northern Glo,” said Francisco. “In the long run, you will reap the savings and appreciate how a product like Northern Glo is easily applied and maintained.”

Looking to protect the floors in your facility? Discover the performance, quality, and value of all our REGARD floor products through our floor care experts.

Know about the Glo!

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