Expert Tips on Managing Enhanced Cleaning

Enhanced cleaning doesn’t stop now that COVID precautions have loosened. Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene remains focused on keeping retail and hospitality spaces clean and safe as social behaviours return to pre-pandemic levels. Even though people are more comfortable engaging in public life, the hospitality, retail and grocery industries must maintain the level of clean achieved during the pandemic. This was highlighted in Facility Cleaning & Maintenance’s Spring 2023 edition.

In his They’re Back… feature, David L. Smith, the Cleaning, Hygiene & Sanitation Director for Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene, discussed the steps that hotels and motels, restaurants, and grocery stores can take, especially as annual illnesses like the flu season and norovirus experience their seasonal peaks.

Smith explains that placing importance on indoor air, hand hygiene, certification and tracking the cleanliness of your facility both allows staff to respond quickly to cleaning tasks and upholds the perception of clean guests have in public spaces.

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