Throw away messy paper cleaning logs and say hello to WandaNEXTTM for consolidated cleaning data delivered right to your desktop and smartphone!

Analyze. Adapt. Optimize.

As a part of our ConfidentCleanTM program, WandaNEXTTM offers a suite of powerful analytical tools that help facility managers make data-driven decisions that save time and money.

Real-time data for real results.

Receive live updates on cleaning program compliance, cleaning alerts and guest traffic patterns to properly allocate your staff and resources for better cleaning outcomes.

Analyze trends. Discover Solutions.

Over time, daily cleaning reports reveal trends that highlight improvement areas in your cleaning program. WandaNEXT’sTM predictive insights help you to adapt cleaning protocols and proactively address issues through improved staff training.

Clean Smarter, Not Harder.

Reach out to one of our cleaning experts to learn more and book your free 90-day trial!

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