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Download cleaning guides for every corner of your facility! Get step-by-step instructions on how to take a floor to ceiling approach to facility cleaning.

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2024 Floor Stripping Guide

Floor stripping is an essential step in all successful floor maintenance programs. It increases aesthetic appeal by removing unsightly scuffs and plays a key role in preventing slip and fall

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2024 Floor Care Guide

Commercial floors go through a lot! As one of the biggest investments in any facility, the right floor care products and training are essential to keeping them properly maintained and

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Preventative Maintenance Guide

Cleaning equipment downtime can cost thousands of dollars, hours of work, and so much productivity. So, why wait until cleaning equipment can no longer perform to do something about it?

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Fitness Centre Cleaning Guide

As the weather gets colder, fitness centres will see more visitors, which means more bacteria and germs in the gym, more frequent cleaning and more maintenance challenges—but don’t sweat it!

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Outbreak Prevention Guide

Preparing your workplace to avoid an outbreak of flu, covid, norovirus or other emerging pathogen is an important part of your overall business continuity strategy, but it’s about more than

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Labour Retention Guide

A team that is engaged, motivated and loyal is a key factor in a clean and successful business. As the cleaning industry continues to face high turnover rates, it’s difficult

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