Custom solutions for your unique facility.


More than ever, cleaning team leaders, facility management and building service contractors are all asking the same questions: How do I know it’s REALLY clean? And, how can I prove it?

With heightened expectations around hygiene and the need to ensure every space sparkles, the pressure is on. Fortunately, the right technology tools can answer those questions, empowering you to quickly and easily validate task completion, cleaning effectiveness and compliance with protocols. Continuous improvement against specific performance benchmarks can be demonstrated so that customers, tenants and building owners know their facilities aren’t just clean – they’re Confident Clean.

We’ll help you implement digital cleaning program management to track activity, monitor compliance, facilitate audits and report on results. Our experts will advise you on how to load established protocols for every areas of your facility, generate powerful analytics, refine and adjust program planning and resourcing, chose the right facility cleaning supplies and create customized reporting so you can present a clear picture of the effectiveness of your program and service delivery.

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Acute Care

Get expert help and cleaning solutions to tackle current and emerging threats in healthcare settings.

Close crop of a healthcare worker's legs and a mop cleaning an Acute Care facility with Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene products.

Long-term Care and Senior Living

Keep residents healthy and safe with the right mix of cleaning supplies, techniques and innovations.

Close crop of a wheel chair from behind that shows the bottom half of someone in the chair with a long term healthcare worker kneeling down in front of them.

Building Service Contractors

Ramp up cleaning quality and customer satisfaction with verified and validated cleaning protocols.

A gloved hand using a Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene disinfecting solution to wipe the inside of an elevator.


Keep students, educators and staff healthy and safe with cleaning and maintenance programs for your school’s surfaces.

A close crop image of a young female teacher reading a book to a classroom of kids with raised hands.

High Traffic Venues

Improve facility cleaning and efficiency with the right mix of products, training and digital cleaning management tools.

An escalator in a high traffic building looking down with many bustling people walking through hallways maintained with Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene products.


Get advice on the cleaning supplies and techniques that’ll help surfaces, floors and equipment stand the test of time.

The main common area of a correctional institution, with doorways all around the room and a large metal staircase in the centre.

Property Management

Maximize your building’s potential and tenants’ satisfaction with tools and innovations that minimize time spent on building maintenance.

The inside of a commercial building entryway with the sun streaming through the all glass façade.

Leading Brands