With thousands of square feet to maintain, you need cleaning solutions that work. Cleaning for appearance and health while protecting your maintenance investment can be particularly challenging in educational settings. Improper maintenance programs can result in in costly renovations and, in some cases, complete replacement.

From high-traffic transitional spaces to specialized environments such as gymnasiums, our in-depth knowledge and experience translates into bottom line value. Get expert advice in developing cleaning processes to maximize building hygiene, choosing the right products and staying up to date on first-to-market innovations.

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A sparkling clean lecture hall, in a facility maintained with Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene products, with students seated listening to a lecture.
A colourful elementary school classroom with desks that have craft supplies all over them and a red apple banner on the wall.

Learn about our products for education facilities, including:

  • Floor cleaning solutions and equipment
  • Hand soap and sanitizers
  • Ready-to-use (RTU) disinfectants
  • Cleaning cloths and supplies
  • Towel and tissue
  • Gloves

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