High Traffic Venues

Balancing appearance, cleanliness, health, supply levels and cleaning activities covering thousands of square feet is a tall order. From stadiums and arenas to conference centres, train stations, airports and shopping malls, we design and deliver specialized programs to deal with your facility’s specific cleaning and maintenance needs.

“How do I know that cleaning’s been done?” We’ll help you answer the toughest question facility managers ask themselves with innovative technology that’ll verify and validate cleaning programs, track supply levels and increase customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of facility image, preserving building assets, cleaning for health and stocking the essential supplies needed to keep facilities operational.

Talk to us to make your high traffic venue a real crowd pleaser.


A high traffic airport gate with many people walking through the area.
A high-traffic facility bathroom with a line up of sparkling clean sinks maintained with Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene products.

Learn about our products for high traffic venues and facility maintenance, including:

  • Restroom cleaners
  • Towel and tissue
  • Autoscrubbers
  • Hand soaps and sanitizer
  • Electrostatic disinfecting
  • Digital cleaning program management
  • And other commercial cleaning products!

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