New REGARD Products Make Commercial Cleaning More Sustainable

Bunzl Canada Launches smart, environmentally friendlier cleaning chemical alternatives.

Burlington, ON – September 28, 2023 – Bunzl Canada announced today the recent launch of its new, environmentally preferable cleaning product line under the REGARD™ brand banner. Utilizing smart, innovative packaging is just one way the new line effectively reduces the environmental impact associated with procurement and delivery.

Consistent with Bunzl’s commitment to offering more sustainable solutions to customers in all its business segments, REGARD™ Eco-Friendlier Cleaning Solutions is a new line of ECOLOGO® and Green Seal™-certified, environmentally responsible cleaning products. The line is formulated to be non-caustic, hypoallergenic and provide a safer and healthier cleaning alternative. Most importantly, the high-performance products deliver exceptional cleaning results.

“More than ever, there’s a greater awareness of the importance of m

ore sustainable cleaning practices,” said Jay Creek, Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene’s Director of National Accounts. “Expectations have increased to ensure both the cleanliness and overall health of the building, its occupants, and it’s cleaning staff.”

The “eco-friendlier” aspects of these new products extend to both packaging and formulations. From disinfectants to washroom cleaners, each product is designed to minimize waste and resource consumption. REGARD™ Eco-Friendlier Cleaning Solutions’ packaging is made with 100% post-consumer recycled content, which exceeds the ECOLOGO® standard. The exclusion of virgin plastics is critical in reducing the amount of crude oil, gas and emissions required to for new plastic production. This initiative further supports the circular economy and the secondary market for recycled plastic.

REGARD™ Eco-Friendlier Cleaning Solutions are packaged to ensure every shipping pallet contains more units than pallets carrying products with traditional packaging to achieve a lower overall ecological footprint. Although many traditional cleaning chemicals come in circular bottles that provide stability and good pouring flow, they also leave a lot of unused space inside boxes when packaged and are not efficient in shipping. REGARD™ Eco-Friendlier Cleaning Solutions bottles have been purposefully designed in a unique ellipses shape that results in more product per box and less warehousing and transportation resource waste.

The concentrated formulas in the new REGARD line also help reduce environmental impact by providing more end-use cleaning solution delivered in fewer shipments. A single 3.78L bottle of highly concentrated REGARD™ Eco-Friendlier Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner can produce more than 245 litres of diluted solution, equivalent to 64 containers of 3.8 litre pre-mixed glass cleaner—a significant environmental and cost savings.

“REGARD™ Eco-Friendlier Cleaning Solutions are world-class products with world-class performance – at a price that’s competitive and more sustainable,” said Creek.
According to Brock Tully, Vice President, Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene, the company’s customers increasingly seek more sustainable cleaning product alternatives with the required efficacy for a wide range of commercial cleaning applications.

“Our customers count on us to lead the way with innovation that helps them achieve their sustainability objectives while maintaining the highest standards of cleaning quality,” said Brock Tully, Vice President, Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene. “Our new REGARD™ Eco-Friendlier Cleaning Solutions offers a complete line of products designed to do exactly that.”

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