Cleaning Supplies

A cleaner, healthier facility starts with the right tools for every job. From day-to-day cleaning and disinfecting, to tackling tough spots that need a bit more muscle, the right mix of cleaning supplies will leave surfaces sparkling. More importantly, you can rely on getting a next-level clean that eliminates harmful pathogens to keep facilities healthier, smelling great and looking their best.

Talk to us about building a customized program for your facility! We’ll recommend cleaning supplies that’ll fight dirt, germs and stains on every surface type, including the right cleaning chemicals, facilities janitorial supplies, disinfecting products, microfibre cloths, wipes and more.

An image of cleaning solution spray and squeeze bottles sitting behind a basin with microfiber cloths in a rainbow of colours hanging on it.

Cleaning supplies categories include:

  • Restroom cleaners
  • Disinfectant
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Wipes

Featured Products

Effectively disinfect high-touch surfaces with this dynamic duo. Wipes are strong  and easily absorb cleaning solutions.

An image of the Spilfyter Sanitizing Wipe Kit with Oxivir Tb available through Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene.

High-performance and great value. Choose from low-density or high-density can liners based on your facility’s needs.

Fast-acting and long-lasting. Can be stored outside and blue colouring helps with consistent application.

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