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Image of the NACECARE RBV150 Backpack Vacuum used to clean commercial and industrial buildings.


Having a clean carpet in your business is essential to making a positive impression on your customers. Keep your carpets looking their best with the NACE RBV150 Backpack Cordless Vacuum.

Equipped with NX300 36V Battery Technology and a 350W digital brushless motor, this battery powered, lightweight vacuum is designed to deliver a powerful cleaning experience. Its cordless feature and 90-minutes runtime makes it perfect for cleaning high-traffic areas.

SC500 Nilfisk Autoscrubber

Save time and money in your cleaning routine with the Nilfisk SC500 Autoscrubber. This easy-to-use autoscrubber will automatically control the water and detergent flow with the speed of the machine, ensuring that cleaning solution is used effectively.

This autoscrubber allows you to clean large areas with ease and is a great choice for cleaning companies, hospitals, schools, offices, supermarkets, shops, sports centers, restaurants, hotels, and production floors.

An image of the Nilfisk SC500 Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer machine, available through Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene.

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