Surgically Clean Air – Air Purification Systems

Breathe pure and healthy indoor air with one powerful machine. Designed to clean air quickly, quietly and efficiently, Surgically Clean Air’s line of air purification systems provide a sustainable cleaning solution for any space.

How It Works

Every system in Surgically Clean Air’s line of purifiers follows the same robust cleaning technology. 

From the moment the air enters the purifier, the six-step filtration system captures 99.8% of indoor air pollutants and expels clean, pure and re-energized air, leaving the air surgically clean. 

With the ability to clean spaces from a small office space to a 20,000 square foot warehouse using a single air purifier, you can ensure a safer facility and finally answer the question, “Is the air really clean?”

Why It Works

A few of the major reasons for poor indoor air quality include the presence of indoor air pollution, the lack of fresh air and inadequate ventilation systems. In fact, levels of air pollutants are two to fives times higher indoors than outdoors. An air purification system can ensure both fresher, cleaner air and a safer space.

Since 90% of our time is spent indoors, a quiet but effective air purifier is a practical cleaning solution for indoor air pollution. Built with noise cancellation through a sound dampening design, Surgically Clean Air’s purification systems are unintrusive ­­– turn it on and forget about it!

Did you know that people who breathe cleaner air exhibit higher productivity and cognitive function? Their low operating cost allows you to set the air purifier and focus on important tasks knowing the air you breathe is being cleaned all day. The multiple air changes within the hour creates a cleaner space and an environment that encourages productivity and performance!

Talk to us to learn how an air purification system can clear the air in your facility!

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