Clean Smarter, Not Harder.

Throw away messy paper cleaning logs and say hello to WandaNEXTTM! Featuring a suite of powerful analytical tools, WandaNEXTTM helps facility managers make data driven decisions that save time and money. A simple three step process allows you to optimize resource allocation and clean with confidence.


Track key data like cleaning alerts, cleaning tasks, supply usage and traffic patterns to assess problem areas in your facility.


Verify cleaning and hygiene tasks are completed via live digital reports.


Validate cleaning tasks have been completed in line with facility protocols to ensure a safe and healthy environment for employees and visitors.

More Efficient. Better Results.

Imagine this – instead of spending valuable time sorting through paper cleaning logs, the information you need is organized and delivered directly to your phone or computer. Whether you manage a single building or a network of facilities, WandaNEXTTM puts intelligent cleaning in the palm of your hand, allowing you to keep them clean, safe and healthy no matter where you are. 

Easy-to-use features that are key to optimizing your cleaning program:

Enter & Track Tasks

As facility manager, enter daily cleaning tasks and develop a digital cleaning schedule to keep your staff up to date on what needs to be done.

Additionally, cleaning staff can digitally sign off on completed tasks that you’ll be updated on in real-time.

Stay Connected

With WandaNEXT available on all smartphones, tablets and computers, you and your cleaning staff will be able to instantly communicate with one another.

Report in Real-Time

Gather data from daily cleaning reports such as task completion, number of cleaning alerts, high traffic areas and cleaning product usage. These reports help optimize your staff allocation in high foot traffic areas and minimize cleaning product waste.

Respond to Alerts

By scanning QR codes, visitors can request services or provide feedback on the cleanliness of key locations in your facility. This feedback can be utilized to identify areas for improvement in your cleaning protocols and create a safe hygienic space for all visitors.

Predictive Insights for Proactive Cleaning.

Alongside its user-friendly management capabilities, WandaNEXTTM provides in-depth analytics to help you make data-informed decisions that optimize facility cleanliness and hygiene.

With the WandaNEXTTM insights dashboard, you’ll be able to track cleaning alert patterns, optimize cleaning staff allocation, identify problem areas in staff training and more.

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Track cleaning compliance across key facility areas.
Improve average response time to cleaning alerts.
Verify cleaning alerts are attended to in line with facility protocols.
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Clean Smarter, Not Harder.

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