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Digital Cleaning Management System

WandaNEXT™ smart facility cleaning software provides real-time analytics that eliminate guesswork so you know the facilities you manage, maintain, or occupy are clean, healthy and safe.

WandaNEXTTM makes it easy to validate your cleaning programs in 3 simple steps

  • Track key data at critical points, including completed cleaning tasks, cleaning frequency, supply usage, traffic patterns, and cleaning alerts.

  • Verify cleaning activity completion and compliance using live reporting.

  • Validate cleaning activities against cleaning protocols to reassure visitors, employees/tenants, and management of a healthy and safe environment.

Here’s What Our Industry Experts Think

Rob Chapman - Photo

WandaNEXT™ enables cleaning team managers to make better use of their human resources, improve quality through targeted training, and monitor, manage and report on compliance. For Building Service Contractors who really want to differentiate themselves, digital cleaning management with WandaNEXT™ is a 100% game change.

Bruce Ferguson - Photo

Commercial office, high traffic venue and retail facility cleaning is in the spotlight like never before. Now facility managers have the tools they need to improve and enhance both cleaning and overall hygiene. That creates healthier spaces that inspire confidence, enhance image and improve building visitor and occupant satisfaction.

David Smith - Photo

Back to school has never been a bigger health and safety challenge. The new WandaNEXT™ QA module gives educational facility managers the peace of mind you only get by verifying and validating processes and protocols and when, where and how often they’re being done. It’s an essential investment in cleaning innovation.

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