Whiz Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper

Get next-level clean at the push of a button! Powered by BrainOS technology and brought to you by SoftBank, an industry leader in robotics, Whiz autonomous vacuum sweeper delivers a high-quality clean while saving your employees critical cleaning time. Here’s how:

Verify Cleaning

Improve consistency in your cleaning routine, even in high-traffic or hard-to-clean facilities. With cleaning expectations changing, it’s essential to be able to answer the question, “Is my facility really clean?” With Whiz by SoftBank, you can be confident your floors are clean and maintained with real-time data reporting and alerts through Whiz Connect. Whiz Connect tracks several cleaning metrics so you can verify and validate exactly where and how often your facility has been cleaned. Watch the video to see it in action!

Set It and Forget It

Gone are the days of repetitive vacuuming! Once Whiz has cleaned a space once, it can run the same route on its own.  Whiz cleans up to 15,000 square feet per charge and is up to the task of cleaning any facility size. This compact vacuum can also adapt to changing environments and easily maneuver around obstacles.

Did you know that vacuuming makes up 30% of total cleaning time, on average? Automate daily sweeping and vacuuming so you can reallocate valuable cleaning time to other critical tasks, like disinfecting high-touch surfaces. Offloading repetitive cleaning tasks to Whiz, not only saves time, but also decreases the possibility for worker injury, absenteeism and can help make your staff’s jobs more rewarding.

Talk to us to see exactly how you can improve cleaning efficiency in your facility!

Why Whiz by SoftBank Robotics?

Saves cleaning time

Reduces workplace injury

Adapts to changing environments

Helps increase job satisfaction

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