Queen’s U Students Give Residence Cleaning an A+

Innovative WandaNEXTTM digital platform transforms residence cleaning and hygiene.

Burlington, ON May 14, 2024 – Bunzl Canada today announced expansion of the WandaNEXTTM digital cleaning management software across Queen’s University residences in Kingston, Ontario.

Queen’s University has provided a world-class learning and on-campus experience for over 180 years, and ensuring the highest standards of facility cleaning and hygiene is critical to achieving that. As the first university in Canada to achieve the CIMS-GB with Honours advanced By GBAC certification in both its facilities and residences, Queen’s continues to seek opportunities to raise the bar on cleaning and hygiene.

Verifying and validating completed cleaning tasks posed a challenge for Queen’s, as cleaning teams relied on outdated paper processes to guide and record cleaning activities. This made it difficult to quickly identify and address areas for improvement, staff training requirements, and any student concerns.

To overcome these challenges, Queen’s University worked with Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene to implement the WandaNEXTTM Digital Cleaning Management software. WandaNEXTTM provides cleaning scheduling, task management and service alerts in an easy-to-use mobile app, empowering Queen’s cleaning professionals to log completed tasks and quickly respond to cleaning requests submitted by students through posted QR codes. The platform was implemented in five residences as the first phase of the implementation.

“Since adopting WandaNEXTTM, our ability to respond to cleaning requests has improved dramatically,” said Matt Savoie, Director of Facilities & Infrastructure, Housing & Ancillary Services at Queen’s University. “That provides a tangible sense of security and satisfaction for our students.”

The adoption of WandaNEXTTM in residential spaces didn’t only benefit the students. The real-time documentation of when spaces were being cleaned also gave Queen’s cleaning teams confidence that their cleaning efforts were recognized and verifiable.

“Proof of presence has empowered our team to feel comfortable and confident in the cleaning program we’re carrying out,” said Kyley Devine, Caretaker in Residence Facilities at Queen’s University. “If we receive complaints or inquiries, we have the data to verify when spaces were cleaned, and what tasks were completed.”

Following the success of WandaNEXTTM in five of their residences, Queen’s University plans to expand the program to 13 additional facilities.

“We’re very proud to work with Queen’s to continue the rollout of WandaNEXTTM,” said Brock Tully, Sr. Vice President, Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene. “This advanced digital platform has been specifically designed for organizations seeking to increase efficiency, achieve greater sustainability, and set new standards in facility cleaning and hygiene.”

To learn more about how WandaNEXTTM can transform cleaning and hygiene in your facility, request a free trial or contact Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene at bunzlch.ca/wandanext.

View the Queen’s University video case study here: WandaNEXT Case Study | Queen’s University Residences


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