Program Validation

More than ever, cleaning team leaders, facility managers and building service contractors are all asking the same questions: How do I know it’s REALLY clean? And, how can I prove it?

With heightened expectations around hygiene and the need to ensure every space sparkles, the pressure is on. Fortunately, the right technology tools can answer those questions, empowering you to quickly and easily validate task completion, cleaning effectiveness and compliance with protocols. Continuous improvement against specific performance benchmarks can be demonstrated so that customers, tenants and building owners know their facilities aren’t just clean – they’re Confident CleanTM.

We’ll help you implement digital cleaning program management to track activity, monitor compliance, facilitate audits and report on results. Our experts will advise you on how to load established protocols for every areas of your facility, generate powerful analytics, refine and adjust program planning and resourcing, and create customized reporting so you can present a clear picture of the effectiveness of your program, cleaning facilities management, and service delivery.

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An image of the WandaNext digital cleaning management system, exclusively available through Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene.

Here’s how WandaNEXTTM makes it easy to validate your cleaning facilities programs in three simple steps:

  1. Track key data at critical points, including completed cleaning tasks, cleaning frequency, supply usage, traffic patterns and cleaning alerts
  2. Verify cleaning activity completion and compliance using live reporting
  3. Validate cleaning activities against cleaning protocols to reassure visitors, employees/tenants and management of a healthy and safe environment

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