Spotlight on Leadership: Hygieia Networking & Leadership Conference

Bunzl Canada is a proud supporter of the ISSA Hygieia Network and its Workplace Allies: The Power of Having Someone in Your Corner conference, a premier event designed to empower workplace allies and break through professional barriers. The conference catered to a diverse audience, including industry veterans and new hires eager to advance their careers and expand their professional networks.

This year, we were particularly excited to be represented by Jenny Lawson, Bunzl Canada’s Head of Human Resources and an advisory board member of the Inspiring Women in Bunzl network, who joined the Be Inspired Panel Discussion and Q&A. Her expertise in creating inclusive workplace environments enriched the discussion.

“Being a part of this panel wasn’t just an honour; it represents our ongoing commitment to fostering a culture of equality and support across all professional levels,” said Lawson.

The conference covered a spectrum of critical topics from negotiating and handling workplace bias to mentoring, networking, and achieving pay equity. Karen Craggs-Milne also lead a workshop on gender equality and Allyship in the cleaning industry, further highlighting the importance of actionable steps towards inclusivity. We hope the event inspired and equiped attendees to become a transformative ally in the workplace and beyond.

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