10 Tips for a Better Clean

Did you know that pathogens can live on surfaces for up to five months? The right cleaning and facility maintenance has never been more important to help reduce the spread of harmful bacteria.

Check out these top tips from Rubbermaid* on effective cleaning that will help keep facilities healthier, safer and improve cleaning efficiency:

When tackling surface cleaning:

1. Clean from cleanest to dirtiest to help reduce the spread of harmful dirt and pathogens.

2. Clean from top to bottom to eliminate the need to re-clean surfaces.

3. Clean from the outside walls of the room to the centre of the room.

4. Wipe in one direction to reduce the risk of re-contaminating clean areas. Wiping in one direction can also help ensure your cleaning solution is applied evenly.


When tackling floor cleaning:

1. Dust mop or sweep before mopping to remove dirt and debris.

2. When wet mopping, use sterile wet mops or freshly machine-laundered wet mops.

3. Clean in a figure 8 motion to prevent cross-contamination and help keep track of which areas have been cleaned.

4. Change mop head after each shift or in highly contaminated areas, such as restrooms, to avoid cross-contamination.

5. Always mix cleaning solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

6. Remove used mop heads and replace with newly laundered mop head when cleaning is finished.


Looking for more facility cleaning tips? Check out our Learning Centre for Tips, Tools & Trends or talk to our Cleaning & Hygiene experts today!


*Please contact us if you require a more accessible version of this document and we would be happy to provide it.

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