8 Tips For Using Floor Scrubbers

It’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning! Winter takes a toll on facility floors, making this the perfect time to bring floor cleaning to the next level. Floor scrubbers, also called scrubber dryers, are a great tool to maximize cleaning and efficiency to keep commercial floors clean and looking great.

Check out these eight tips to help get the most out of your floor scrubber:

1. Research Before Buying

Purchase equipment from a reliable manufacturer to ensure product quality. Look for manufacturers and distributors with a demonstrated history in the floor scrubber space and the resources to help with essential maintenance, like machine repairs.

Not sure which is the best floor scrubber for your facility? No problem! Ask us about what to look for when selecting a floor scrubber and we’d be happy to help.

2. Invest in Innovation

It’s no secret that technology improves over time. If your budget allows, consider choosing a newer floor scrubber model with the latest technological advancements that will address your facility’s needs, for a better clean.

3. Don’t Go Too Fast

Some areas will need more attention than others. For best results, assess your floor’s soil levels, adjust the water flow rate and lower pressure as needed and take the necessary time to effectively clean each area of your facility.

4. Use Chemicals Effectively 

Using the correct amount of cleaning chemicals is essential to effective floor cleaning. Not using enough cleaning solution will make it difficult to clean, but using too much wastes supplies and could leave residual solution on floors. Consider investing in a wall-mounted proportioning system or a floor scrubber with an onboard chemical dispensing system to help ensure the right amount of cleaning solution is used every time.

5. Use a Cylindrical Scrubber When Needed

Cylindrical scrubbers take a two-step process and turn it into one. Cylindrical scrubbers both wet sweep floors to remove large debris and clean in the same pass, eliminating the need for dry sweeping and saving time in cleaning routines.

6. Choose a Scrubbing Pad Based on Floor Type

Choosing a pad based on floor type helps prevent damage and delivers the best results. For example, polishing marble or terrazzo floors with a diamond pad provides the best results over other types of floor pads.

7. Double Scrub as Required 

To remove stubborn, hard-to-remove soils, try double scrubbing in those areas for best results.

8. Regularly Maintain the Equipment

Routine preventative maintenance will help keep your machine up and running, extend its life and ensure consistent performance. Talk to one of our expert technicians about the equipment services we offer.

Looking to learn more about using a floor scrubber in your facility? Check out Nilfisk’s guide for 8 Ways to Get Your Floors Sparkling Clean with a Scrubber Dryer.*


*Please contact us if you require a more accessible version of this document and we would be happy to provide it.

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