Electrostatic Disinfecting: Providing Protection this Cold and Flu Season

Preventing illness and ensuring a safe work environment has never been more important. As you welcome more employees back to the workplace, it’s critical to minimize harmful bacteria and microorganisms that can make people sick. Unfortunately, manual cleaning methods and traditional techniques can’t effectively reach certain surfaces, and that leaves your facility vulnerable.

ByoPlanet’s®electrostatic disinfecting technology uses proven, induction-charged technology to disinfect all surfaces, especially those hard-to-reach areas such as the sides, back and underside of surfaces.  

Additionally, ByoPlanet® has just launched Jet H2 Ultra, a handheld and battery-operated disinfecting system using induction charging technology. This product is the first self-contained handheld sprayer to achieve the same quality and spraying power as the plug-in-the-wall version, and it’s exclusively available in Canada from Bunzl.

ByoPlanet® pioneered electrostatic disinfecting technology in the cruise ship industry over a decade ago. Today, the technology is a standard process, used to eradicate pathogens up to 75% faster than traditional trigger sprayers, covering over 18,000 sq ft per hour.

How It Works

The electrostatic sprayer uses an electrode to introduce an attractive charge and atomize the cleaning solution. As a result, the particles are attracted to and uniformly coat all exposed surfaces of an object, literally wrapping around them to disinfect the surface. Charged particles attach themselves to the hardest to clean areas such as keyboards and spokes of wheelchairs resulting in a complete disinfection that would be very difficult to achieve through manual disinfecting methods. Thanks to this ground-breaking technology, facilities everywhere are reaping the benefits of a more productive and germ-free work, learning or healthcare environment.

Want to see this ultra-efficient cleaning solution in your facility? Contact our Cleaning & Hygiene experts for a free demonstration and more information about how and where to incorporate this innovative cleaning technology into your facility’s cleaning protocol.

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