How to Choose the Right Disinfectant

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to disinfectants. But, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right one for the job at hand? The right disinfectant can help keep facilities cleaner, healthier and safer. Check out the top five factors to consider when choosing a disinfectant:

1. Cleaning Requirements

Not all disinfectants are formulated to kill the same viruses and bacteria. In fact, disinfectants have a kill claim that outlines exactly which bacteria they are effective against. Assess which virus and bacteria pose a risk to your facility and choose a disinfectant that will most effectively eliminate them.

Also, different surfaces require different levels of care. Products that will properly disinfect some surfaces may be too harsh for use on others and can even be damaging over time. When deciding which disinfectant to use on a specific surface, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and use as recommended.

2. Environmental Sustainability

Facility managers are often looking for ways to reduce their facility’s environmental footprint. Consider choosing disinfectants that are ECOLOGO® certified and meet environmental performance standards, such as Dustbane’s Oxy-Q or Quat Plus disinfectants.

3. Contact or Dwell Time

Contact (or dwell) time is the amount of time a disinfectant must be left on a surface to effectively kill surface bacteria and viruses. Choose a disinfectant with a contact time that works best for your facility based on your team’s cleaning routine. Always use disinfectants according to their contact time for effective results.

4. Access to Water

Some disinfectants are ready-to-use while others are concentrated and must be diluted with water. Concentrated chemicals require more time to dilute when compared to ready-to-use-disinfectants and require cleaning teams to have easy access to water. When using concentrated disinfectants, it’s also important to ensure that teams are properly trained on how to safely dilute chemicals.

5. Single or Multi-Purpose

Disinfectants can either be single or multi-purpose. A single purpose disinfectant should only be used as directed and will only be effective at eliminating bacteria. In comparison, a multi-purpose disinfectant could also be an effective tool for cleaning or could be used as a degreaser. Not sure which is best for your facility? Talk to one of our cleaning and hygiene experts for help choosing the right product for your facility.

Want to learn more about different types of disinfectants? Click here to read Dustbane’s Disinfectant Selection Guide.*


*Please contact us if you require a more accessible version of this document and we would be happy to provide it.

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