REGARD®/Pioneer Eclipse Floor Care Program Strips Costs for Major Retailer

The Challenge

Maintaining the appearance of a large retail store while minimizing floor care costs is a challenge. In the case of a prominent Canadian grocery retailer, this challenge was particularly daunting as a consistent program was required across the country. To address this, the retailer decided to test and trial an existing floor care program at one of its Vancouver, BC stores against an alternative solution to identify a program it could implement nationwide to deliver a consistent customer experience.

The Solution

Bunzl Canada collaborated with Pioneer Eclipse to devise a floor care program tailored to the retailer’s specific goals. Bunzl’s REGARD® line of floor care cleaners and finishers were combined with Pioneer Eclipse’s stripper and maintainer products to create a comprehensive solution focused on enhancing cost-efficiency while improving the quality and appearance of store floors.

To prove the REGARD®/Pioneer Eclipse program was more effective than the existing product used by the retailer, Bunzl and Pioneer Eclipse experts conducted a multi-night installation program and multi-week maintenance program to compare the competing solutions.


  • Pioneer Eclipse Formula X-Treme Floor Stripper – 5x concentrated floor stripper over incumbent product
  • REGARD® Infinity 25 Floor Finish – High shine, high durability floor coating
  • REGARD® Sun Shower Daily Cleaner – Daily neutral cleaner
  • Pioneer Eclipse Rebound Maintainer – Used to refresh the floor 2-3 times per week
  • REGARD® Moonbeam Deep Scrub – Deep Scrub product


On night one, a complete strip out of the store was completed to create a level playing field for both solutions. Pioneer Eclipse Formula X-Treme concentrated floor stripper was used. Five times more potent than the incumbent product, it effectively removed 100% of the old floor finish in just two passes – a massive improvement over the four-pass requirement of the incumbent product, which still failed to remove all the finish.

Once the floor was thoroughly rinsed and dried, a thin coat of REGARD® Infinity 25 floor finish was applied to select aisles. Once dry, the floors were burnished to fuse the REGARD® finish to the floor, creating a solid base for subsequent coats. Two additional coats were applied to close out night one of installation.

On night two, the floors were cleaned and burnished, followed by another two coats of REGARD® Infinity 25 floor finish applied to the aisles selected for the REGARD®/Pioneer Eclipse program.

The remainder of the store aisles were finished using the incumbent floor finish product following the prescribed process, which required a minimum of six coats of finish.


Over the next six weeks, REGARD® Sun Shower Neutral All-Purpose Cleaner was used nightly to clean the floors throughout the store. The concentrated formula required considerably less solution to emulsify and suspend dirt, supporting the customer’s desire for greater cost-efficiency. Twice per week, Pioneer Eclipse Rebound Floor Enhancer was applied throughout the store to add polymers back to the finish and maintain its integrity. A propane burnisher was used nightly to maximize the shine and overall appearance of the floors.

The Result

Following the six-week pilot period, the collaborative program yielded impressive results across various fronts:

  • Customer Satisfaction: The most noteworthy outcome was the store manager’s preference for the sections treated with the REGARD®/Pioneer Eclipse program based on their superior appearance, despite being unaware of the products used on each section.
  • Improved Performance: The REGARD®/Pioneer Eclipse program resulted in such improved results and appearance, the store was able to extend the lifespan of the REGARD® Infinity 25 floor finish from six to 12 weeks, before a full scrub and re-coat was required.
  • Cost Savings: The REGARD®/Pioneer Eclipse program also substantially exceeded the retailer’s expectations in reducing its floor care and labour costs.
  • There was a remarkable 50% reduction in the number of passes it took to strip and remove the old floor finish and a 60% reduction in the diluted cost of the floor stripper.
  • Finishing the floor with REGARD® Infinity 25 floor finish required one less coat, resulting in a 17% reduction in finish being used.
  • Doubling the time between required scrub and re-coats meant a full 50% reduction in the amount of floor finish needed annually. This also resulted in a 50% reduction in labour hours spent scrubbing and re-coating each year.
  • Finally, the diluted cost of REGARD® Sun Shower Daily Cleaner, Pioneer Eclipse Rebound Maintainer, and REGARD® Moonbeam Deep Scrub resulted in an overall cost savings of up to 50%.

Customer Satisfaction

This success of the test conducted in Vancouver, BC, indicates that the performance gap between the collaborative program and the existing program would have been even more significant in regions with harsher weather conditions. As a result, the retailer decided to implement the Bunzl/Pioneer Eclipse program nationwide, with an expected scrub and re-coat interval of every 12 weeks compared to every six weeks in areas with severe weather.

The results of this initiative clearly demonstrate how a collaborative relationship with a specialist supplier can create significant value for businesses in maintaining their facilities. Working with the experts at Bunzl Canada and our industry-leading manufacturers, businesses can introduce standardized programs that result in better quality, improved efficiency, greater sustainability and lower cost.

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