Save Time with Autonomous Cleaning

More and more, custodial staff are looking to save time in their cleaning routine. Offloading repetitive cleaning tasks can help cleaning teams achieve desired results without increasing labour. Learn how a US-based high school got an A+ in floor cleaning with the Nilfisk Liberty SC50.

The Study

A Minnesota-based high school put the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 to the test to help clean roughly 100,000 square feet of space which included expansive athletic facilities. As the second-largest high school in a state that experiences four seasons and plenty of snow and salt in the winter, the school needed to improve its cleaning productivity and deliver a high quality clean. It was no small task for a school that sees more than 2,000 pairs of feet walk its hallways and floors every day. To respond to these challenges, it has become the first high school in the US to add this scrubber dryer to its cleaning routine.

The Results

After integrating the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 into their facility, the custodial staff commented on how straightforward the machine was to program. By offloading floor cleaning, maintenance teams were able to save several hours a day which could be reallocated to more detailed, essential tasks that require a “human touch”. Also, it allowed maintenance teams to clean floors more often and more consistently, boosting both the maintenance team’s productivity and job satisfaction.

Nilfisk SC50

Save valuable time in your cleaning routine with Nilfisk! The Nilfisk SC50 can perform repetitive floor cleaning tasks with minimal supervision, increasing cleaning productivity, freeing up custodial staff to focus on more detailed cleaning, and eliminating the need to prioritize and triage cleaning responsibilities This scrubber dryer allows operators to program a cleaning path into the machine and will replicate this path flawlessly for subsequent cleaning. It can also fill in and clean the interior of spaces if the operator programs the perimeter of the site.

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