Why Use Autonomous Vacuums?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, building service contractors and janitorial service companies have been looking for ways to improve cleaning efficiency to help meet new cleaning standards. Sometimes that means getting help from an innovative cleaning tool to tackle the largest surface area of any facility – the floors.

A U.S. based commercial cleaning company did just that by deploying Whiz Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper by SoftBank at its customer sites. The goal was to reduce cleaning fatigue, improve cleaning efficiency and deliver better cleaning results.

The Results

After integrating Whiz into its workflow, the company’s cleaning efficiency increased by up to 25 per cent.* With Whiz, the company was able to track and optimize cleaning routes, which now leaves cleaning teams more time to focus on detail-oriented work. They were even able to offer new disinfecting and sanitizing services to better meet their customers’ needs without increasing labour costs.

Learn more about how Whiz helps cleaning teams improve cleaning efficiency and deliver a better clean in this detailed case study.*

The Biz on Whiz

Whiz is an autonomous vacuum sweeper that delivers a next-level clean at the push of a button. Powered by BrainOS technology, Whiz delivers a high-quality clean while saving your employees critical cleaning time by allowing users to set automated vacuuming routes, offload repetitive cleaning tasks, track results and more. Watch this video to see Whiz in action!


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