3 Steps to More Sustainable Facility Cleaning

As society becomes more focused on the impact we have on the environment we are more aware of the importance of making sustainable choices.

This has impacted the demands and expectations for the cleaning methods used to manage the health and hygiene of our indoor spaces.

To achieve more sustainable cleaning programs that are not only effective, but safe for facility occupants and cleaning teams, there are three key considerations:

Packaging & Procurement

Choose products with smart packaging in the design, manufacturing, and shipping of products. For example, the use of 100% recycled materials in packaging, and containers designed in less conventional shapes and sizes that allow for more units to fit in a single shipment.

Look for products that are offered in high concentration formulas to reduce carbon and environmental footprint. That way, less chemical needs to be shipped, stored, and applied to accomplish the same level of clean.

Eco-Friendlier Formulations

There are more and more cleaning chemicals on the market described as “green”, but its important to know what that really means. Are the claims of environmental responsibility really accurate?

Fortunately, ECOLOGO and Green Seal third-party certification bodies rigorously test products for their adherence to environmental standards. So, you can be confident that a product with either an ECOLOGO or Green Seal stamp will provide less impact on the environment and our health.

While there really are no cleaning products that are 100% sustainable, ECOLOGO and Green Seal certified producers embrace the challenge of developing products that reduce environmental impact as much as possible while performing comparably to more traditional cleaning products.

Transitioning to more sustainable cleaning product formulations provides the additional benefit of improving air quality. Many are formulated to have little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause mild to severe health effects. Also, planet-friendlier chemicals are designed to be hypoallergenic and can be less harmful to those who experience sensitivities.

Resource Efficiency

Many highly concentrated eco-friendlier chemicals can be used with dilution systems, which take the guess work out of the mixing process. This can ensure that the exact ratio of water is being used, so users are not wasting water, nor diluting the product so it’s less effective. Eco-friendlier chemicals can also be used in autonomous cleaning equipment, designed with water and labour efficiency in mind.

Beginning Your Sustainability Journey

Integrating these solutions into your cleaning programs is easier than you might think! Our Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene experts can provide a complete facility assessment to understand your specific requirements to recommend an ideal product set to achieve your cleaning and hygiene objectives while reducing environmental impact.



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